One of only 8 Protected Landscapes in Wales this 35km chain of heather clad hills and limestone cliffs form a spectacular gateway to North East Wales.

Moel Findeg Access Statement

  • Moel Findeg is approximately 55 acres/22 hectares of woodland and heathland.
  • Visitors are welcome to wander around but are asked to keep to established paths.
  • 3 main paths lead to the summit, all of which are about a 20 minute walk.
  • The paths are fairly narrow and in places are quite steep and rocky.
  • The northernentrance presents the widest and most direct route to the top.
  • A small woodland path leads from the southern end of the site to the northern entrance. It is narrow and uneven, contouring gently around the site and does not go to the summit.
  • There are several places to sit and rest along the paths.